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We love to bring quality family food to our customers.

Over the past 3 decades, John Dory’s has grown from a stand-alone corner chippy to a regional chain of quality, award winning Traditional Fish and Chip shops, offering a wide range of products.

Our expansion is credit to the hard work we have put into maintaining our core values, high standards and love for the industry and support from our loyal customers. We never compromise on quality, we offer a friendly and helpful service with a smile, in a clean and hygienic environment, and we always strive to raise our standards and promote the fish and chip industry.

We take great care in sourcing, preparing, cooking and serving our food. All of our products are prepared each day on site by experienced food handlers and all 8 of our take-aways proudly boast a 5* food hygiene rating.

From the first day John Dory’s opened its doors, our objective has been to provide top quality fish and chips to our customers… fried with passion and served with pride.


Omega 3

The Omega 3 fatty acids found in our fish are especially important for children. The Omega 3 fatty acids are linked to improvements in children’s concentration and behaviour! Some studies have shown at that Omega 3 helps children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AHCH. Omega 3 can help improve eczema and psoriasis which can be an issue for children. So fish really is brain food!


Special Dietary Needs

Whilst we make every effort to identify the ingredients in our products and minimise the chance of cross contamination in our processes, John Dory’s and it’s staff do not assume responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to food provided in our shops. Please note that the possibility exists that your food may come into contact with allergens in the fryer, hotplate or through shared utensils. We would encourage any person with special dietary requests to speak to a member of staff to declare sensitivities before the point of order and consumption of food. Vegetarians – please note we fry in the traditional chip shop style using beef dripping.


Sustainable Fishing

We strongly believe in sourcing our fish from controlled and sustainable waters, as it is key to minimising pressure on marine environments and helps ensure a healthy future for the fishing industry. We have a moral obligation also, to take measures that help the conservation of fishing ecosystems, especially if we want the fish and chip industry to continue to thrive for years and generations to come.

“Visit the Seafish website to find out more”  (http://www.seafish.org/)

Local Suppliers

Ever wondered where we source our ingredients?

We purchase as many of our ingredients and products from local suppliers as we can, proudly supporting local businesses and their quality produce. It is very important to stand united, especially in todays economic and social environment. Supporting our local suppliers provides community links as well as reducing carbon footprint and food miles, by not importing many of our goods.


British potatoes that become chips


Average Fat content of portion of Fish & Chips & Peas


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Fish & Chips shops in UK

John Dory’s – a family affair

Way back in 1988 the Polley family opened their first chip shop in Carryduff. The small team of Mark, Stephen and Linda left their jobs and while they had some experience in the catering world, it was a big leap into a new business venture for them all. Through good management, attention to quality, good staff and old fashioned hard work the business grew. They now are running the largest chain of fish and chip shops in Northern Ireland. A total of 8 shops are now open, with the most recent, a relocation of the Carryduff shop opening in December 2018. Who knows where the next location will be, suggestions welcome!

Whats the story with John Dory?

John Dory is actually a type of fish. Also know as St. Peter’s fish due to the legend that St Peter, patron saint of fishermen, caught one of these beasts. When he got it into his boat it moaned so he threw it back into the sea, leaving his thumb print on the side of the fish for evermore. That’s the black mark you can see behind the gills. Apparently they do actually moan when caught (who would blame them).

“I love your new Instagram page, I have caught myself daydreaming about your chicken Goujons when I am meant to be working! The two for £12 offer and loyalty cards work great for my husband and I for our mid week treats!”

Wendy Harrison

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do John Dory’s use frozen chips?

John Dory’s always chip with the best potatoes available. Our chips are freshly cut daily and cooked to order.

Is previous experience required to work in John Dory’s?

We have many positions available and previous experience isn’t always necessary. We provide in house training but also offer external courses such as NVQ’s which can help with career development.

Is John Dory’s a franchise?

No, John Dory’s is and remains a family business which opened its first chip shop in 1984. The John Dory’s name began in 2000 with the first John Dory’s being Ballygowan Road.

Is the fish cooked fresh to order?

Yes, John Dory’s freshly batter and cook all of our fish to order. If you prefer your fish breaded this is an option as well.

Do John Dory’s use fresh fish?

All our fish are MSC certified ‘Frozen at Sea’. This ensures we get the freshest fish available caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Sea from sustainable sources.

Do John Dory’s have a gluten free menu?

Yes, we provide a full Gluten free menu for our customers with our own bespoke gluten free batter. We do stress that while we take every precaution there is a slim possibility that trace elements of gluten may exist.

Is 100% chicken and beef used in all John Dory’s products?

Yes, all our chicken and beef is locally sourced and is fully traceable. Where possible, we use local farmers and suppliers.

Does John Dory’s batter contain any milk?

No, our bespoke batter is a close guarded secret and is specially made for John Dory’s.

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Loyalty Cards Terms and Conditions

For a Loyalty Card to be valid you must collect 9 stamps, the card must have a valid name, mobile number or email address filled in on the reverse. The card must not be expired, the date is printed on the reverse of the card. You may use the card immediately once you have collected 9 stamps.

We may contact you from time to time with details of promotions and offers but we will never pass on your information onto any 3rd party.