Our Menu

Our menu is jam packed with tasty options, you can find a printed copy in any of our shops!

Have a look over, you can see there is lots of great value meals to choose from. We’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – so pop in to any of our 8 shops for some family friendly food.

If you want something made your way, speak to our staff – if you hate onions you really don’t have to have them on your burger!

Special Offers

Here at John Dory’s we love giving a bit back to our loyal customers. Unfortunately at the minute our fish and potato costs have been going through the roof… BUT… we’ve managed to get you a great deal!

This offer won’t last that long, but for now we’re offering a choice of 2 meals – our most popular Cod Supper or Chicken Supper for £12. You can have 2 of the same or 1 of each, whichever works for you. And that’s not all, you also get a choice of dip, peas, beans, curry or gravy to go with each meal!

This offer is available at all our shop, any time, any day!

Terms and Conditions

Offer valid while stock last. Offer may be terminated at any time.